It was the first mountain that was climbed by the students; take an interview of a celebrity.

Though, It was a difficult task, but it taught us the value of making connections.

As they say "Your network is your net worth"

India’s One Man Band, Gladson Peter interviewed by Smirna Nathan

“It took me about two hours to learn to play thirteen instruments together.” Said to be the first ‘One Man Band’ in India, Gladson can balance his equipment holding all the instruments on his back while simultaneously playing them. 

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Founder of Game-A-thon, Manish Freeman interviewed by Vatsala Srivastava

“As I learned and played Frisbee, I realized that this game taught life lessons as well”, says Freeman. With an aim to spread happiness and unite people together by the means of non-competitive games, Manish Freeman hopes to bring a change in this materialistic world.

mANISH fREEMAN -youtube -- Vatsala.jpg

Mountaineer Ratnesh Pandey interviewed by Gunjan Sharma

“I reached the top and sat there for a while, took the view in, you could see the arch of the earth from there. And then I sang our national anthem,” he recalls his moments from the summit. While many believe in the ‘Ever rest after Everest’ policy, Ratnesh likes to follow his own ‘No rest after Everest’ philosophy. 

Gubnjan-ratnesh_pandey-- source -- Chall

Pakistan’s Indie musician Shajie interviewed by Manya Sinha

Talking about the animosity the two countries share, Shajie, one of Pakistan's favourite indie musicians, says "Aisa lagta hai ki do kamron main baithe hue hain bas aur darwaze bandh kiye hue hain." ("It feels like we're sitting in two separate rooms with our doors closed.")