SCM CLASS OF 2020-2021

Sitting in different parts of India, we can say that we have been to each other’s hometowns through the screen! Meet the class of 2021 that has come to the end of their journey that began in their homes and took place in the expanding boundaries of their imaginations.



I enjoy watching people, cinema, and anything that evokes my curiosity. I am passionate about films, capturing moods and feelings of everything and everyone. I believe that to be in the field of creation, art, and creativity is to be able to bring a change. Even if it's a small one, I think it is worth a try. And so, it is for this belief, I wish to be part of this powerful force.


I am a generalist, who is wondering and wandering her way through the urgency of life. My most creative state is when I am paying close attention, absorbing ideas, capturing images and writing. I love to photograph, they are the birthplace where my ideas and words take refuge. I also enjoy immersing myself in conversations around visual arts, mental health, poetry, psychology and philosophy.




I am from Delhi and want to be a journalist. My life revolves around Books, Cinema, Newspapers and talking to people. Ground reporting is what I love doing. My favorite season is Election season.


Along with watching films on a daily basis (queer cinema, horror cinema and coming of age cinema are my favourite genres), I sing and play the ukulele and the guitar. I also love insects, frogs and occasionally dream of being a sheep herder in Ireland (or magically live the life of a niche indie musician in New York, I'm not picky). Oh and, I also love photography and filmmaking. 




"Hi, I am Divya and I am just happy knowing that I am not one of a kind and just like every other adult around me. I fully trust my mindset and work ethic enough to know that no matter what happens, I’ll be okay. More than anything else I want to be in a place surrounded by things I love. Everything aesthetically pleasing.
A film set has it all, my love and respect for interior design, fine art, colours, music, stories and like-minded people. This dream gives meaning to my everyday life; knowing I am on to bigger things"


A long walk with a camera in hand - that's my idea of happiness. I like discovering one new thing every day. I love visualising, and the process of image-making constantly fascinates me. I found my way to storytelling through literature, music and dance, and I hope to make work that is an amalgamation of my passions in life.




Hi! I've been a youtuber since 2018. I tune into K-pop, watch K-dramas & anime. I love doing art, paintings, listening to music, singing, dancing, teaching French language. I support the queer community, I was a part of Kashish Film Fest 2019. "Pick your challenges & make them your goals", I go by this line as I like to try, explore & experience by experimenting. I feel we should love & believe in ourselves, set realistic targets & get to smashing our goals with hard-work & dedication.


Endlessly fascinated by the idea of how unique yet universal our experiences are, I am drawn to everything that makes me build relationships with people and understand why they think or feel the way they do. From documentary filmmaking to theatre or professional cuddling, I hope to be able to explore whatever sparks my interest or curiosity




When I’m not watching football or F1 races, I spend my time researching and looking for ideas and insights to come from both common and uncommon places. I like exploring unrelated fields to see what additional thoughts spark. I think for me having the ability to continue through the barriers and obstacles along the way will help staying the course. In times of distress I like penning down my thoughts and watching true crime documentaries as a form of remedy.



Luxury Marcom Evangelist is what I aspire to be while my determination is to strive for greatness. I love story telling and never want to have things left unsaid so a conversation with me would always be eloquent. I write poetry that has to be recited, I am a spoken word artist. I love philately and I collect stamps. I think life is beautiful and it's just what one thinks about it. For me it's human experience and valuing life. I also like to click beautiful skies and anything that catches my eye. 



Hi! I am Sakshi. I love watching movies, and sketching out my weird thoughts and ideas. I believe that sometimes our brain is capabale of producing these random thoughts at the most weirdest of moments and we just have to pay attention to that. 



An actor who also wants to make films. I came in this field accidentally but some accidents teach you a lot. I wish I had the superpower to change this world but then I know, I am an artist.



I oscillate between a child-like curiousity and adult-like profoundness. My energies are spent best in creative endeavours, be it words, or films but I don't shy away from trying my hands on other interesting stuff: like journalism and advertising. 

I love making collages and I love images. I enjoy the process of assembling images from magazines and then breathing new life into them; and in doing so, creating a whole different image with an entirely different meaning. This need to construct a fantasy through metaphors and images comes from my love for film-making and literature, thus bringing about a perfect marriage of my two passions.




A lover of all things vintage and cultural, most of my time is spent telling people about the writing ideas that I get but never actually writing them. I genuinely believe we are all each other's connecting links and no matter how hard we try, it will be impossible to separate us from us, and that is what I am going to write about, always. Through my work, I want to answer questions of curious minds, including mine. And when I am not thinking about what to write next, I am marvelling over music, films and books. 


Reading and writing are my biggest passions. I love anything that involves these. I am an optimist, yet grounded in reality and this is the attitude I want to bring in wherever I work. I firmly believe that ancient wisdom from all over the world holds true even today and can help make our lives meaningful.




A water baby, thoughtful, calm. Diving deep, exploring, while others scratch the surface, searching.


A character from the Dharma Universe waiting to be written, I believe in merging my love for visuals with my passion for words. I feel the entire world has a riveting story to tell, and I wish to master the art of storytelling with my voice and a keen eye for detail.




If there wasn’t a lockdown on, you’d see me passing most of my time in trains or in the company of trees. I am an aspiring journalist with a curiosity about what drives people to live the lives that they do and the forces that shape the way they see this world.


Currently navigating through the ACT I of my A24 coming of age film. Yes, I love films, and yes I think Memories of Murder is better than Parasite. I am fascinated by the behind the scenes action of how a single idea goes on to become a film. I hope to be part of the filmmaking process in whatever way I can be. Crocheting the Harry Styles cardigan is my current coping mechanism. 




As a dreamer who is unafraid to try new things, I have tried my hands on everything that came my way and have enjoyed every bit of it so far. I like to write and click photographs and record videos of situations I find amusing. I also enjoy surrealist cinema.  My ultimate goal is to tell stories that leave a mark.


I love to keep up with pop culture, laze around, watch films all day while binge eating, but I make up for it by also being productive and organizing everything way too much. My overthinking brain likes to believe that I can foresee any possible problem that may arise when I work on a project and so I am prepared for it. Initially, I thought I was unsure about the career I wanted to pursue until I realised that I have always stuck to the advertising and marketing space, so I chose it and I didn’t even know it!



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Reading is love, books are love. Write Therapy. Theatre and Cinema. MillenialAunty, trying to navigate her way through this Madhavi-ness of life. Age is just a number and the learning never stops.



Learning new things everyday from everyone. I love to do DIY with my clothes and I enjoy this. Other than that feeding stray animals is my favourite time. I can be with them all the time.



Dance and swimming shaped my childhood upbringing. Having roots in Bengali culture and tradition has helped me guide my youthful energy. I have an uncanny knack for problem-solving, the so-called jugaad technique. I belive in learning from life and giving it back. Being creative while solving problems comes naturally to me and definitely like to testify that in channel production. 



I am a practical person who gets emotional while watching films. With a keen interest in storytelling through writing, photos and videos, I aim to become a successful creator someday, capable enough to intrigue my audience while keeping them entertained from start to finish. 



I enjoy exploring different visual mediums, be it photography, art or theatre.
I like watching movies, reading fiction, creating images, building sets and diy-ing. Currently on a closet cleanse spree and on a mission to upcycle any and every thing.



I am deeply fascinated by photographs, cinema and theatre, they make me the person I am, and everything I want to be. I think a lot about all the art that is there in the world, and how beautiful it is to be able to create and to be able to give back. I am constantly chasing the moon, laughing too much, and almost always confused. And I love to talk, mostly.



With a motive of attaining proficiency in everything I do, I aspire to become a flamboyant personality. I believe that every person in your life can teach you a new lesson and to learn them all, I love connecting with new people. Exploring the fields of science, commerce, arts and different media, I finally found myself in advertising and marketing


A keen observer of the world. I like hearing stories and even more to talk to people who have lived them. Then add my imagination to it.    




I am an observer. I love to observe people, to know what they like, what hey dislike, what makes them happy. I build a whole story of who they are inside my head. I have always been fasinated by commercials. How beautifully they catch on what people wants to see, what can attract them, what can make make them upset. From here on, I am ready to start my own journey towards understands people, and planning Add's that make them see, what they want to see.


I am the most enthusiastic person in a room. I am crazy about Chicken 65 and I love wearing sarees. I feel that everyone has a story to tell and every single story is different. I want to tell these stories using different mediums so they reach as many people as possible and we continue to marvel at the wonder that our universe is. 




A person who spent most of his time on playing either cricket or football who also loves online gaming. I like communicating with people and want to go into Sports communication and PR.


Meeting new people and starting a conversation, is what I am always up for. I keep on juggling with do's and don'ts, to thrive on challenges and constantly set goals to figure out about my likes, dislikes, traits, and finding my expertise. And on top of everything I wish to see myself on a 70mm screen, until that day I want to learn, work hard and build myself. For me “life is that ride which I want to travel with a smile”.



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Jack of all trades, master of some, communication sans social awkwardness is my superpower. I oscillate my passions between capturing emotions as a photographer and film-maker and hearts as a public speaker. A fitness enthusiast and an expert at gluttony who chokes on bad grammar, I like to travel as well. As an active Rotaractor, I believe in serving the community. I thrive on appealing people visually with stories. I aspire to attain perfection through clicking good pictures and making good films.