To understand two perpectives- of those who consume the media and those who work as media professionals, we conducted in-depth interviews of people aged above 50 years, to understand their engagement with media. Our interviews provided us a wealth of information to us, aspiring media professionals


The aim of this project was to allow us to get first-hand experience of qualitative research through conducting depth interviews. To get details, we were to get older participants which lead to more unique stories. We interviewed people from different fields.


AUDIO RECORDINGS OF INTERVIEWS: Each student team (2 members) had to interview two participants.

a. AUDIENCE MEMBER: The first had to be an audience member over the age of 50 years. We had to find out about their media use through their childhood and adolescence until they reached the age of 21 years.

b. MEDIA PERSON: The second participant needed to be anyone over the age of 50 years and was/is involved in media production or distribution in some way. We had to get them to tell you about their first media job.

All interviews had to be recorded (audio only) and transcribed. Interviews that were in different languages had to be transcribed in roman English and then translated.


We submitted a photograph of the participant showing their surroundings.


While concluding the project we had to write 500 words on the steps that we took and what we learned from doing the depth interviews, which part was hard, which part was easy and so on.

However, due to the confidentiality promised to the participants we wouldn’t be able to share the interviews, but it was a deeply enriching process for us!