Mojo: My Own Journalism. Just like its name, it was our own Journalism. The topic was chosen by us, reported by us, made by us and edited by us. Our laptop was our TV studio, our phones our camera, and voice memos our sound equipment. Occasionally, it was difficult, but every stage of this assignment taught us the intricacies and the process of reporting a story. 

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Harman Khurana

Shreya Muley

Akash Panday

Simran N Chandnani

Ria Chheda

Umama Momin

Divya Saibabu

Sumit Buchasia

Harshita Sethia

Shristi Kapoor

Sakshi Vishwakarma

Aastha Gupta

Srishti Sharma

Lakshika Mathur


Dictionaries define mojo as a magic spell, hex or charm. In the social media era, it has come to mean Mobile Journalism. At SCM, it means My Own Journalism. 

SCM-MOJO is a multi-media journalism project spanning across the academic year. Each student takes the conceptual fundamentals about multi-media taught in the classroom and applies them to a theme of her/his choice to deliver multi-media stories at the end of the year. The SCM-MOJO is a key component of an individual's portfolio. 

The project is designed to allow a student, under one-to-one guidance from the faculty, to learn the demands of multi-media story-telling at her/his own pace, research the chosen theme and do primary reporting on it to arrive at possible stories which she/he then matches with different media to tell them across text stories, photo essays, videos, podcasts. It sounds easier than it is. 

Working in the online format with students scattered across India and living with Covid-19 restrictions would have meant that primary reporting for SCM-MOJO stories would take a hit. However, a number of students pushed their limits and did field reporting which lies at the heart of most multi-media journalism stories. Against all odds, they found ways to record audio interviews for podcasts, pound the pavements to meet people, downloaded apps that would help them edit their work, and more.

-Smruti Koppikar