A group project, Documentary is an exploration of a wide range of ideas and topics that are created to fit the screen. From ideating to scripting and production- it gave us a chance to understand the art of filmmaking from a different window, and this year from different corners of India. 



This film is a depiction of the many mental health journeys since the advent of the pandemic. It examines the multitudes of our psyche, delving into a variety of subjective experiences of people and spaces.

We were confined within four walls which changed our lives drastically. As we grappled with what was happening on the outside, we began reflecting on the inside too. This is our ode to helplessness but also to finding a tiny light inside us that never goes out.

Team 1 Visual.jpg


Rivika Khanna, Sumit Buchasia, Aastha Gupta, Taran Warner, Lakshika Mathur, Shreya Muley, Ria Chheda, 

Smirna Nathan, Gunjan Sharma, Madhavi Sakhardande, Manya Sinha, Harshita Sethia

NOrTheast INDIA?


The Northeastern part of India has often been overlooked and underrepresented by the media. The people from Northeast India have been stereotyped, called names, been discriminated against and even faced violence. They are considered outsiders in a country they call their own.

Most Indians find it difficult to even name the states of the Northeast. 

Our documentary explores this inherent bias and the possible places it stems from and tells the story of people who haven’t been represented enough in the Indian media so far. We look at their challenges, get to know their stories and give them a space to share their voices in the mainstream.

Ziro_by Divya Saibabu.jpg


Akhil Hasija, Akansha Sinha, Anagh Bisht, Jashvitha Dhagey, Divya Saibabu, Disha Sinha, 

Umama Momin, Srishti Sharma, Tanvi Dalvi, Nikita Shisode, Vatsala Srivastava

It’s often said that we don’t “move on” from grief, sometimes we dwell on it and eventually we move forward with it. Our documentary explores the emotion of loss. We talk about loss being a universal feeling, even though the experiences are unique and multi-faceted. 
While the idea started from a realization that COVID has reduced human life to statistics, we unwrapped the idea of loss in its entirety, be it an absent parent or the death of loved ones, pets and even the loss of an organ.
From avoiding it completely, to finding a silver lining, every loss narrates a different tale and takes the viewer on a journey of their own. 



Team 3 - Loss and Found.png


Aakash Pandey, Avani Gangwal, Avantika Bhattacharyya, Bruvee Manek, Harman Khurana, Pranita Deshpande

Sakshi Vishwakarma, Shristi Kapoor, Simran N Chandnani, Trishala Sabnis, Vedika Kanodia, Yatharth Golchha