This micro story was assigned for three reasons. First, to familiarise us with the rudiments of chronicling an event in text and visuals which is the basis of journalism and our multimedia projects. Second, to make us aware of a basic task in our most intimate surroundings to build the power of observation and learn to record all that we see. Third, to document the idea of diversity in India, a fast-fading quality of our public and private life. Rice is cooked in almost every home in some form at some time, yet families have their unique ways of making it. When these micro-stories are seen as a composite album, they reveal how different each family's way of making rice is yet it's the same staple grain.  

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Bruvee Manek


Tanvi Dalvi

Yatharth Golcha


Harshita Sethia

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Shreya Muley

Akash Pandey

Shristi Kapoor