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2020 was the 50th year of learnings at SCMSophia. 
Hundreds of students have been Jerried and Jerooed only to realize that 'Something Changed Me'. 
We are the latest in the line. 
With one major difference. 
This year, we learned online. 
We worked remotely, based in far-flung parts of the country and produced a body of work we are proud of. We understood the meaning of silo-less learnings and applied learnings from one discipline to hone the skills we had acquired in another. 
Our only regret is, we couldn't get to the class and on campus. Some of our work is therefore reflective of the times we have navigated and unfortunately, some of it remains concepts we couldn't execute. This is a significant part of the work we did at SCM. We hope you enjoy going through it. We would welcome feedback. 

SCMSophia Batch of 2020-2021
(All work is subject to copyright. The rights remain with The Social Communications Media Department, Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai)

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